Review: XPower M18 CO2 Powered Claymore Mine

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Recently, I’ve come across a product which I wanted to have for a quite some time now: a Claymore mine! Like many Airsofters, I have seen several models out there which at first look quite interesting, but once you look at their features they are quite limited and most of these require the user to “detonate” them which has nothing to do with the objective of a claymore mine, since its autonomous.

Some mines will have a small keychain remote that is the only way to activate and “detonate” the mine, and others will use a remote attached to a wire. This means you’ll have to be within visual range to “detonate” the mine once an opponent is near.

This is rather stupid, since the opponent could detect you or the mine before you even see them, they could see the wire that goes to the remote, and finally they can just pass by the mine and it won’t detonate at all if you are re-spawning or simply not paying attention to the area where you’ve setup the mine.

So those models for me simply just won’t cut it. However after searching the web for a decent Claymore mine I came to find XPower, and their M18 model seemed to be exactly what I was looking for: a fully autonomous mine that has very nice features.

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