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History of Filipino Airsoft
by Obet Yance

First and foremost, I\'m a Filipino with a little touch of Spanish blood and English is not my primary language in terms of communication. I was born and grew up partly in Dau, Pampanga. At the age of 8, family settled in Las Piñas City to have a fresh start. After some time, father got relocated in Davao City where I continued my school days for a year. After elementary, my sis and I withdrew to Cebu City where I finished my studies. Now, my job requires me to move from one place to other from time to time. Aside from airsoft, I\'m also into martial arts, biking, chess, billiard, dart and lastly, testing the limits and boundaries of my intelligence versus the CPU of my PC-mind over machine. I\'m also learning to love rappelling, wall climbing and scuba diving. I haven\'t tried skydiving yet but I wish to try it someday.

I\'ve been playing airsoft for quite some time now. I made this website not to gain some funds from any of you guys but rather to give my comrades a common place… and so came the birth of FAS. Way back in 1999, a computer illiterate comrade from another region wished they had their own bulletin board on the net where they could speak their own local dialect and let their team be known worldwide. At the same time, they don\'t want to spend a dime for it.

To compromise with how the world turns, this website accepts advertisers and donations to pay its bills. I\'m the Webmaster and an airsoft enthusiast. I\'m also a small time businessman by profession. Age? 30 something.

In the making of this website, a lot of ordinary guys, friends, foe and comrades from different airsoft teams threw-in a lot of good ideas. MPs also help us a lot in keeping FAS to where it is now. So, if you’re going to ask me who are the people behind FAS, I would have to say \"all of us!\"

Robert Yance
Administrator/ Webmaster


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