Blue Force Gear – New Hive Satchel now in Desert Camo

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The Hive Satchel is a collaboration with Chris Costa that finally brings a discreet every day carry bag that doesn’t shout, “this guy probably has a gun.” The Hive Satchel blends in life environments with typical colors and patterns. No traditional MOLLE webbing will be on the exterior of the Hive Satchel – a dead giveaway to the trained eye. Even the abnormal semi-circular shape adds to breakup the true nature of the Satchel.
The Hive Satchel is loop lined and fully compatible with Blue Force Gear Dappers™ to keep every day carry items secure. Designed around the covert carry of an MP7 submachine gun, most smaller sized SMGs and PDWs can be carried such as the HK MP5K and most folding stock Uzi variants. The main compartment can be quickly opened one handed for immediate access or the zipper pull unbuttoned allowing for each side to be opened independently. A separate loop lined zippered side pocket can hold most large frame side arms or smaller items such as keys, wallets, phones, or business cards. The single shoulder strap is designed for ambidextrous shoulder carry – the zippered side pocket can be removed and attached to the other side.
The pack is water resistant and constructed with lightweight CORDURA® and Tweave fabric. The body is padded for added protection and concealment of the contents. A stiffened back panel retains the packs shape and usability no matter what the contents.To further enhance the discreet nature of the packs, they will only be produced in short runs in any given pattern or color scheme. The Hive Satchel can also be produced in custom colorways and patterns for large orders.

Available in Wolf Grey and Desert Camo/Orange


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