Darkthreads.com now carriers 7.62 Designs Morale T-Shirts

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Darkthreads.com has recently added a new line of Morale T-Shirts from 7.62 designs to their online catalogue. 7.62 Designs' new T-shirts feature WWII style pin-ups in modern attire and heavily armed. The girls include several themse such as a sniper, russian cosmonaut, and a High Speed, Low Drag parachutess to name a few.

Darkthreads.com is afemale owned and operated company out of Pennsylvania, USA that provides high quality tactical gear, uniforms, and morale items to airsofters and those who protect our communities and country alike. Darkthreads.com is also a proud supported of USO and the Wounded Warrior Project. Check them out at www.darkthreads.com


MerlinDKM UPDATE: Darkthreads.com announced today that they will now carry 4 more t-shirt designs in this series!

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