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Keywords: WE, Glock, G18C, P226, F226, Parts, G39, Browning, AK74, PMC, M4

Next portion of new products in our store. After delivery from WE company we've updated stock levels and added new products, including:

WE - AK74 PMC - Green Gas - Open Bolt
WE - M4 CQB - Green Gas - Open Bolt

Green Gas powered, made entirely of metal, high quality replica of AK74 PMC (Private Military Company) and M4 CQB in Open Bolt version. Manufacturer took care of the good representation the original details, replicas have Hard Kick Gas Blowback recoil system which makes shooting a much more realistic than the AEG replica.

WE - G18C - Gen3
WE - G18C - Gen4
WE - F226 - Full Metal

Green Gas powered, made of metal (F226) or metal and composite (G18C), high quality replicas of well known pistols. Glock 18C in Gen3 or Gen4 can shoot in full auto mode, by switching the fire mode lever at left side of slide.

WE - F226 Magazine - for WE - F226 - Full Metal replica

Spare parts for WE Browning, G39 and Hi-Capa 4.3, 5.1 replicas:

- Browning: #59
- Hi-Capa 4.3, 5.1: #38
- G39: #3, #8, #76 and #138


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