One Grunt’s playing Tips “A two element fighting system”

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It’s often that Airsoft/Milsim teams look at their team as one fighting unit. That’s not bad, but within this fighting unit are the individual elements that make up assault and support. Since a lot of teams forget this they often find themselves reacting to contact and just coming on line to fight the enemy straight into their teeth. Now, you’ll have those guys that wise up and remember something they heard about a flank. Then a broken attempt at a two element maneuver is executed, not always with the best results.

If you want to set your team up for success then you should train on the two element fighting system. Now, you can have more elements or fire teams to maneuver with but we are keeping it down to the minimums today. So you basically want to start with a good number on your team. I prefer 8 troops in two 4 man fire teams as a minimum. These are the basic numbers and gives you two elements to maneuver with. You now have an assaulting element and a support element.

A few things to know about your two element fighting unit. Assault and supporting element roles are interchangeable. This means both fire teams can take either role suddenly as the mission dictates. The fire team elements do travel together but do not expose themselves together. You keep one trailing so that you have flexibility to maneuver while the element in contact keeps pressure. Communication is everything in being able to effectively maneuver your elements or fire teams.

Now that you have your team organized into multiple elements or fire teams, you can now work on employing proper fire and maneuver to close within enemy range and destroy the opposition. Remember that what gets you isn’t what you see in front of you but what catches you in the flanks. While I mentioned my minimum numbers for these elements, you can fight as a buddy team this way too. For you solo players on the weekend playing field.
Next time we will talk about how to use these elements and actually maneuver.

Just one grunt’s tip
Javier “Darkhorse”


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