Voodoo Tactical Mojo Load-out Bag review by A.C.E.

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Our friends over from Airsoft Community Europe have gotten their hands on the Voodoo Tactical Mojo Load-out bag and not only is it most useful as it look great too!

Voodoo Tactical has the answer to this problem with the „Mojo Load-Out Bag“. This bag is designed to carry all your stuff you need for either a one day skirmish game or a 3-4 day MilSim operation. I used this bag for the first time on this years Border War 5 event and I was surprised how much gear this bag carries.

But let´s get some facts about it. „Giganti” isn’t even in the same league as this guy! And that´s damn right. Made by 800D Codura, this bag is strong enough to carry all your gear.

To read the complete review visit them here:


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