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=== UNDRPRVLGD Goggle Straps ===

These are a great way to bring a new flair and accent to your gear and stand out in a crowd.

These goggle straps work with any goggle on the market that allows butterfly ends.

These are Limited Edition and Limited Print Goggle Straps.
Only 14 of Each Design Exist.

All Straps are $25.00 USD (Continental US) ($35-$45 International) Shipped via USPS Conformation and Paypal fee's included Unless other wise posted

We have a wide variety of military themed straps for sale.

1. Bite Back, A-10 Warthog (Thunderbolt II).

2. Fight the Fight, Is a depiction of the Battle of Midway.

3. Hail Germany, German Battleship The Bismarck.

4. Gun Slinger 2, Mi-24 Russian Attack Helicopter

5. Over Watch, F22 Raptors in formation.

6. Death in the Mourning, U-boat attack on allied supply lines.

7. Victory to Russia, The hanging on the Soviet flag of the Berlin capital.

8. Iwo Jima (Pink Hue), US Marine in the Battle of Iwo Jima

9. UNDR Russia, Soviet themed and inspired mural.

All of our pictures of the straps can be found at our Facebook page, Trade My Luxe, please come and check them out.



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