OP Warhammer smashed all records!

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Keywords: MILSIM, airsoft, border, war

Border War 5 - OP Warhammer organized by the Border War Crew established a few new world's MILSIM and Airsoft records.

Border War 5 - Operation Warhammer held in the Czech Republic in the former military area of Ralsko during the last weekend of April hosted 2300 players on spot from 42 countries of the world. The participants were exposed to a 50 hour intensive day and night infantry MILSIM operation in demanding weather, including intensive night ops.

Border War 5 in April 2013 was so far the largest by the ammount of players Airsoft and MILSIM 50 hour ongoing operation organized in the Czech Republic, Europe as well as in the world.

The event hosted over 50 historical vehicles and several helicopters for in-game deployment of more than 200 airmobile players directly into the heat of the airsoft battle, setting a new Airsoft airmobile record as well.

A LARP city of ALISI featured more than 25 buildings and was inhabited by more than 300 LARP players, who interacted with the main game scenario with a special LARP game running in parallel to the infantry ops.
Border War Charity

The Border War Charity project was introduced to the world for the first time; this year it was sponsored mainly by G&G Armaments, Gun Fire, Bohemia Airsoft, Adventure Food, Voodoo Tactical, Airsoft Community Europe, LAhve SOS, Military Gear Center, and Tiger Tailor. The charity lucky draw was a big success with more than 400 prices distributed among the players during the event. The funds raised during this Charity action will be used to support children group homes in Central and Northern Bohemia.
Border War supported by the Czech Army

Also, this year's Border War MILSIM was for the first time visited by representatives of the Czech Ministry of Defense and Czech Army; a special exhibition of photographs from the latest deployment of Czech Army in Afghanistan was displayed in the Off zone, presenting this important piece of the Czech modern history to participants from the Czech Republic and abroad.
Shops and Sponsors

Behind the Scenes

BW5 preparation including the several pre-scenarios supporting the pregame development took 10 months. On-spot BW Crew consisted of 140 people on spot.

Because We Care

Border War MILSIM was again supported by professional medical services provided by the company Medevac (www.medevac.cz). 3 Ambulances, more than 30 paramedics in jeeps and on quad bikes, a surgeon and internist doctors were present throughout the game, medical readiness for the event was set to Nato Role / Echelon 2 medical standard and, being ready to help all players in need within 2 minutes after being notified via phone or radio at any place on the large battlefield

According to experience of most of the Medevac crew from missions abroad we adopted Role / Echelon 2 medical preparation set up which is a higher level of medical services on spot outdoors. For example, on a music festival with 20 000 people standard is to have Role 1 -- Role 3 is an army field hospital, Role 4 is a Town Hospital. Of course the event was also supported by local firefighters and police department. Safety of the players is Border War organizers´ first priority.
The unique Top six of Border War 5 Highest number of players on spot and playing more than 40 hours in a row (2300 players) Largest Airmobile deployment in the airsoft history (200 players) Largest LARP city with on spot built structured buildings in the Airsoft history (Including the 3 storey complex of the Bank of Alisi) (25 constructed buildings) Most advanced medical and safety standard of any Airsoft events in Europe (Role 2 Achelon medical set up -- 30+ professional medical crew on spot) Largest organizing the Crew ever performed in organizing an airsoft event in Europe (Maybe in the world) Largest usage of PES (Personal Eye System) by Milsistematika on an Airsoft event (104 devices)

About the organizer

Border War Crew have organized large scale international Airsoft games since 2008 and they have in their portfolio more than 85 events organized since 2003.

One of the major accomplishments was receiving an Award by readers of Popular Airsoft Magazine, when Border War 4 was voted the best Airsoft event of the world in February 2013. The Award was handed over to the organizer on IWA2013 fair in Nurnberg, Germany, in February 2013.

more information on www.borderwar.cz


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