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G&G Armament is hosting their annual “Your Greatest Glory” video contest and “Show Yourself” photo contest and maybe this year a US contestant will take home the grand prize. For the past two years, RuinedFilms from Finland has won the video contest, and the top three finishers for the photo contest have all been from Russia. 2013 could mark the year of the States with all the YouTubers that have been popping up over the past year or so.

While the photo contest started in 2008, the “Your Greatest Glory” has only been around for two years. G&G created both contest in order to inspire creativity, while using G&G Products. Further more, it provides an excellent opportunity for aspiring teams to show off their skills, and to provide a venue for up and coming artist involved in the sport.

Hard work is rewarded greatly, as G&G is not shy about showering winners. The winning video direct will receive $10,000 USD, and a trip to Germany for IWA 2014. Subsequent winners receive a variation of lesser cash values and plenty of G&G Products, while winners for the photography portion will also win a varied amount of G&G Product as well, while creative prize winners in $1,000 USD.

Deadline for: “Your Greatest Glory” Contest:

[ Application Time ]Starting Now ~ 2013.12.12 ( 12PM)
[ Voting Deadline ]2013.12.27 (5PM)
[ Announcement Date ]2014.1.7 (12PM)
[ Prize Delivery ]2014.2.4
Above time periods based on GMT +8:00 Taipei time
The winning entries will be announced on guay2.com site by G&G armament.

How to Enter:

-Create a 30 secs to 5 mins video based on G&G products.
-Sign in and Upload your video to YouTube ( youtube.com ), If not already a YouTube member, please sign up for
a free membership!
-Uploaded videos please add a title [ G&G Your Greatest Glory 2013 Video Contest ] in the front of your
own title, video quality please follow YouTube’s HQ format.


Please download the application form, fill out completely and email back to promo@guay2.com

[ Best G&G Commercial Award ]

US$ 10,000 cash prize
1 free round trip for an economic class flight to Nurnberg, Germany.
1 free night stay at a hotel to be designated by G&G Armament.
1 day VIP visit to G&G Booth at international trade show “ 2014 IWA & Outdoor Classics ” for the award ceremony ( winning team must assign 1 representative to participate)

[ Best Video Award ] US$ 5,000 cash prize
[ Best Creative Video Award ] US$ 5,000 cash prize
[ Nominated Masterpiece Award (7 places) ] Each will win 6 G&G AEGs
Note:Prizes in this contest do not include tax, final amount may be varied due to different taxation in different country

Deadline for: “Show Yourself” Contest:

[ Contest Period ]Starting Now ~ 2013.10.01 (12PM)
[ Voting Period ]2013.10.04 (10AM) ~ 2013.10.09 (5PM)
[ Announcement ]2013.10.15
[ Prize Delivery ]2013.11.11
Above time periods are all based on GMT+8 Taipei time


[ Gold Prize ]Any 3 pieces of G&G Airsoft guns
[ Silver Prize ]Any 2 pieces of G&G Airsoft guns
[ Bronze Prize ]Any 1 piece of G&G Airsoft guns
[ Creative Prize ] US$1,000
[ Selected & Special Award ]One CM18 MOD-1

For more information & to submit an entry, go to:


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