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Your request has been sent to the content admin. here offers fully customizable vinyl aka PVC patches for instant purchase online.

You can order a single artwork patch, unlimited in color or detail, for only seven bucks! That price drops as you order larger quantities. For example, 5 pieces are only $5.5 each.

Mutiny Shop invented this new type of patch. These patches have a futuristic and high-tech look. They way they are made also allows for much lower cost than embroidery and unlike embroidery are not limited in anyway.

These patches are designed for military use, so they are extremely durable and come standard with velcro backing. Designs are also unlimited in color or detail; you can order a photograph on a patch!

You don't need a special file type either. You can order with a JEPEG, PNG, or other common file type. Best of all, you can easily order instantly online. Which is how you know these prices are legitimate and their won't be hidden fees.

Order artwork patches instantly:

If you only want text on your patches, you can also order "text-only" patches, at even lower prices. Also coming standard with velcro backing, text patches start at $3 a piece! Available for instant online purchase at this link:

You can order your text-only patches in a wide variety of colors, you choose exactly what colors you want. Brown on tan. Red and blue. Purple on black. Every color is available. You can even decide to have the bordered or border-less look! NO one else offers this amount of customization.

There are also some fantastic specialty materials available. Shining metallic, glow in the dark and replica IR to name a few. Common camos such as Mulit-cam are available.

These patches have a new high tech look you can't get anywhere else. They do not require a minimum order in any circumstances. They offer the highest amount of customization than other company can. Check them out and get your team patches ordered instantly today!


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