VisionKing 3×42 mm Night Vision Scope

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With great summer nights upon us, night games are a treat to many Airsofters and Milsimers all over the world.

Here at Operator7 we too love to take those long and exciting night missions, but we also like to be prepared and have the edge using Night Vision.

However Night Vision is still a piece of technology not available to all Airsofters due to its high prices.

Fortunately for us a company Shenzhen called VisionKing is working this huge gap in the Airsoft market with their affordable products.

This means that where you would expect to spend well over $1000 on a night vision scope, now you can have their VisionKing 3×42 mm Night Vision Monocular which retails for around $300.

This Gen 1 monocular offers 3x magnification and an effective range up to 60 meters, and integrated rail mount:

Magnification: 3x
Total Darkness Observation: Yes
Image Tube Generation: 1+
Detective Range(m): 60
Recognition Range(m): 50
FOV Degree: 14
Diopter Adjustment: +/-6
Power Supply: CR123A
Resolution(lp/mm): 35
Range of Focus(m): 1-∞
Continuous Working Time(h): 48
Hopefully we will get our hands on one of these for review soon to give you a complete rundown on how nice this scope is.

For more information contact VisionKing via their email:


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