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The second installment of United Airsoft League (UAL)/ Mind Game Productions (MGP) Deadliest Warrior played out in the dark hallways of CSENTRI last weekend, May 19th, 2012. 6 Teams from around Florida, faced 5 scenarios kept secret from them. Each team practice scenarios on their home turf, preparing for what may come. In the end, only one would be given the honor of being called, the Deadliest Warrior(s).

Teams came from all over the state, SheepDogs and Florida Tacitcal from South Florida, Rat Pack from Central Florida, Vero Airsoft and East Coast Tactical Squad from Florida's east coast, and FKM from just about everywhere in Florida. They all assembled at CSENTRI, a site of many previous MGP events such as Tac Ops and Raven Watch, to do battle in a much different fashion. Instead of your traditional 50 vs 50, whoever still has the most players at the end of the day that still care wins scrimmage, each team would face off against real-steel instructors who would sling more then just the occasional 6mm plastic BB their way. This day, the pen would be mightier then the AEG, as everything from tactics, kills, and technique were added up to form a grade.

The objectives included scenarios in CQB, Movement, HVT Escort, Hostage Rescue and Force on Force. Each scenario challenged the teams in different ways, heavily relying on team work and communication to see them through. CQB, Movement, and HVT Escort put players through a maze of corridors and rooms in the vast building that is CSENTRI, testing shooters ability to differentiate friend from foe on the fly in a split second. Actors filled the halls as “friendlies” while instructors from the real steel industry brandished airsoft weapons and knowledge that has kept them alive (and employed) in the real world. Time, technique, communication, and loss of team members all came into account when the finally score was tallied by the instructors.

Hostage Rescue was by far the teams favorite, as this one of the more educational scenarios of the day. Initially, teams were told they had 2 hostages guarded by an unknown number of OpFor in a second floor area accessed by stairs on either side. Teams were allowed to deploy and use only what they carried with them to this particular op. Entry by every team but one, was met with a barrage of BBs, instantly rendering the teams dead. FKM proved to be the exception, accomplishing the mission on the first attempt. Every team was then given a quick AAR with constructive criticism and advice on how to improve. With this, teams were given dummy flash bangs and an R/C vehicle equipped with a camera to use to ID number of OpFor and Hostages. The R/C vehicle was controlled with an iPad provided by MGP, and soon became the highlight of the day for many.

The Force on Force scenario was your traditional airsoft skirmish, giving the teams a slight mental break and reprieve from critique. Teams went through two rounds to make up their total score for the single scenario.

In the end, FKM took the title of Deadliest Warrior, accumulating 22 of the possible 24 points. Second place was claimed by both ECTS and Vero Airsoft, both earning a respectable 19 points. Fourth place (18pts), with less operators then every other team, was Florida Tactical who were emulating “Executive Decision”, a private contractor organization. Fifth place (17 pts) went to SheepDogs MilSim team out of Miami, Florida. Sixth place went to Rat Patrol, with an impressive 15 points, whose points would have been higher except for a player who had been side-lined by MGP's medic.

Make sure to check out all the after action videos by Merlin Blog Spot, Shwell, and Mind Game Productions(in association with DKM TV.) Check out all the videos here at


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