The Back Alley CQC - Airsoft indoor arena

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So after a 5 month pause from playing at this field (formerly known as Proairsoft Areena) I was excited to get back into the action. Camera ready and mags loaded with BB's and gas. There weren't too many players but in my opinion it works at this site. When at full capacity it can get crowded on the field. So I got some fast action going and got hit a LOT, and I got the marks to show it. But none the less I enjoyed the games. There were areas being built, not yet usable but can't wait to try it out when done. There is one game mode above all the other "Chaos" which is what it sounds like. Love this game mode and it works well at this small field. Small teams with revolving starting positions, can get hilarious.

Only drawback from this day was my own fault, I forgot to check the switch on my Contour camera so got only 720p video (but at least in 60fps), but at least the material speaks for it self. Although the video got to be 13 minutes long, not ideal for an airsoft video, but at least got lots of nonstop action.

And on another note, my channel just passed 300 subscribers, which is a great deal for my small channel with videos from a small country. So to those of you who watch my videos and subscribe, I want to give a big thank you! And remember if you have suggestions our just feedback feel free to tell me because I just learn as I go! Few years ago I had no idea of how to edit videos or even thinking about it. So as a hobby, through airsoft I've got to learn a lot of extra skills and a whole new hobby.


Cartman Some lebanon shoots... shooting from a corner with only the replicas out of it...not so fair...

5 years ago

Anonymous Well no blindfire allowed and no blindfire was done! The camera is on the side of the head so sometimes there is only wall in field of view. Hope this clears thing for you.

5 years ago

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