MilSimers beware…PMAGs No Longer Acurate in Your Loadouts!

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I bet you like your PMAGs, don't you? Buy them by the 10s if you can? Even splurged on getting some of those sweet looking eMAGs? I can circle D- all of the above. I'm also not a “hardcore” MilSim guy, who's load-out is strictly based on how a certain operator in the US Armed Forces load-out is configured, but those of you that are might need to reconfigured your load-out to maintain your “accuracy.”

The US Army recently announced that Soldiers will only use government-issued magazines, essentially banning PMAGs or any other polymer constructed magazine even though certain units, such as the 75th Ranger Regiment issues PMAGs as their “standard.” PEO Soldier is the current supplier of aluminum magazines, initially providing magazines with a green follower. However, when the M4 was tested against 3 other carbines, it came in last, siting magazine feeding issues. reports, “The “dust test” revealed that 27 percent of the M4's stoppages were magazine related.”

PEO Soldiers green follower magazines were prone to jamming, misfeeding, double feeding, and suffered from lack of durability in a combat situation. The follower is the portion of the spring that helps propel the ammunition into the M4. PEO Soldiers says that they have come up with a solution, introducing their new tan follower for their aluminum magazines which is said to be 50% more effective. Only time well tell, as everyone knows that any piece of new equipment works well int he factory, controlled setting, and when they are brand new “out of the box.”


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