Team Lock Down Terrorize The Field With 250 Rounds Box Mag

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Real Action Paintball is proud to bring you along for the action as Finch of team Lock Down field-tests an MKP-II with the Lok Bolt. On a hardscrabble field with spools and hay bales, loose rocks and unforgiving opponents, he slides off the MKP-II's barrel bag and opens up with barrage after barrage. We've got the helmet cam footage of the action, starring Finch and his MKP-II.

We told him to pay special attention to the Lok-Bolt, and to charge into the games right alongside players with traditional high-capacity motorized loaders and electronic "eyes" in their markers - the kind of gear carried by lots of your opponents in open play and big games - to see how the all-mechanical MKP-II with is Lok Bolt and DMags fairs in real world competition.

The results are those who've never had the guts to play magfed against traditional semis.

Not only did Finch hold his own with the MKP-II, he coached a few players in finer CQB tactics and orchestrated some major offensive pushes...all the while shooting strings of frighteningly accurate paint from his MKP-II.

To cover his team, he staged a few magazines on hay bales and swapped them out as fast as he could empty them, just like soldiers do when covering their squads in combat. When he needed a spare mag, he called for one from a teammate, who chucked it through the air right at Finch...who caught it, installed it, and kept right on going.

The Lok Bolt kept his bolt from slamming shut on a partially seated paintball during his fastest strings of fire, even when he used the Gen4 Box Magazine with Nautilus Drive. The springs in his DMags, and the motorized feeding system in the Box Magazine, kept a steady stream of paint properly inserted in his chamber...and held the balls there under constant pressure so they wouldn't roll out of alignment.

The Lok Bolt sensed that paint, allowing the bolt to close and fire the MKP-II each time Finch needed to send a round downrange. Between shots, the Lok Bolt mechanism - a purely mechanical device that has no batteries or other failure-prone parts - ensured that the bolt couldn't return forwards until a fresh ball was safely seated in the chamber again.

Finch put the MKP-II and its Lok Bolt through some pretty hard use with both the DMags and the Box Magazine, without a hitch. Check out his game footage, and you'll see a man with lots of talent and experience operating in his element, his mind on everything but his gun.

Because his MKP-II with Lok Bolt worked, every shot, every time. That's the kind of reliability you should demand from your gear, too.

Real Action Paintball - As Real as it Gets!


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