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Contour Inc., one of the pioneers in wearable camera technology, has abruptly closed its Seattle headquarters — surprising many of its employees and leaving the future of the company unclear.

Founded in 2004, the company employed more than 70 people at its peak. It has faced stiff competition in recent years from rival GoPro, but Contour had made the prestigious Inc. 500 list as recently as last year with reported 2011 revenues of $27.3 million.

“As of Friday Contour is CLOSED,”

wrote Jacob Hase, the company’s former social media manager, in a public post on his personal Facebook page this week.

He added in a follow-up comment,

“No one really knows what happened. We were just told we are no longer are employed by Contour and the doors were locked on Friday.”

Contour’s cameras, which can be mounted on helmets, bikes, guns and other equipment, are popular among outdoor sports enthusiasts and others as a way to create first-person point-of-view videos.

Cameras and accessories on the company’s website are listed as temporarily out of stock.

Jason Green, who co-founded action-sports camera company Contour Inc. nearly a decade ago and headed up product development and engineering says he hasn’t given up hope that Contour’s legacy can live on in some form.


Anonymous Sad news! I just loved the Contour camera, never even considered other cameras...

5 years ago

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