The Tachyon OPS HD Helmet Camera

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One of the largest problems with cameras for sports and activities is the fact that they need to be almost invisible with weight, size and placement. There are a lot of action cameras out there which now have the ability to do this but however are not perfect in size, functionality and weight all together. In fact, the ideal model for a camera is one that just floats next to you (QuadCopters are brilliant for this). Being able to attach the camera almost anywhere is the main feature that needs to be established in my opinion.

I give you the Tachyon OPS HD Camera. With a recording rate of 30fps at 720p, it’s a low budget camera which has focused on size and placement more than video quality. This does not mean that the video quality is not good. This only means that you should not expect incredible video that you’d expect from an HD Camcorder. The camera is tiny compared to most other action cameras, which makes it ideal for sports which don’t allow for much placement for cameras (This includes Airsoft).

The HD camera has been used for many different areas of sport and in fact emergency services such as: Biking, Driving, Flying, Hunting, Offroading, Motorcycling, RC Hobbies, Snow Sports, Shooting (Airsoft, Paintball, IPSC), Skateboarding, and Water Sports.

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