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Big Dragon - Silencers in 150mm and 190mm versions

Big Dragon - E9900-V Professional Chronograph

Precise, professional chronograph working in the open field, designed to measure the initial speed of Airsoft replica, paintball marker, short and long firearms, shotgun-pellets, arrows and airgun-pellets. Manufactured by Big Dragon company.

Element - E-Lite Light - Set of 4pcs. - EX234

A set of four light markers E-Lite Advanced Identification Marking Module (AIMD). Perfect to identify teammate during night battle, a safety signal and direction pointer at night walk.

Element - LLM-01 Tactical Flashlight - EX214

Tactical flashlight and laser pointer LLM-01 (Laser Light Module) with:
- LED flashlight with Cree Q5 diode
- Visible Red Pointer
- Infrared Pointer
- Infrared Illuminator

EMERSON - Headset - Bowman Elite II - TAN

Bowman Elite type second-generation headset in TAN color version.

EMERSON - C-Tac Headset - Multicam

High quality airsoft copy of active headset C-Tac in Multicam camouflage headband version.

EMERSON - He?m FAST Base Jump Helmet

High quality FAST (Future Assault Shell Technology) Base Jump Military Helmet replica in US Seals plate, Foliage Green and black versions. Shell shape is similar to the MICH 2002 helmet and is made of durable and thick ABS polymer with dense, compact structure imitating the original polycarbonate material. The main advantage of the helmet is Occ-Dial (adjustable fitband liner kit) with replaceable leather front, nape and side pads.

EMERSON - Occ-Dial Liner Kit - FAST MICH - Black

OCC-Dial Liner Kit for FAST, ACH, MICH 2000, MICH 2002 and similar helmets, with the appropriate spacing and diameter of holes.

MeTac - DR 1X-4X Magnifier Scope - Red/Green Dot

Heavy weight, solidly constructed DR (Dual Role) type rifle scope with a clear cross and red/green dot. Scope allows rapid change of magnification from 1x to 4x and vice versa by using the large, simple lever on the left side of the body. This solution provides the user multi tasking scope for short and long distances.

MeTac - SUSAT R85 4X Scope

A copy of the SUSAT scope with constant, 4x magnification. The original is used by the British Army and is designed for use with L85, L86 rifles.

MiC- Magazine Hi-Cap - M4 - 360 - Quick Reload
MiC- Magazine Hi-Cap - G36 - 350 - Quick Reload

Made of metal and composite Hi-Cap Magazine for M4, M16 and G36 replicas Quick Reload type magazine. The standard winding knob is replaced by steel wire. By pulling the wire, magazine spring is being winded. This solution significantly speeds up the operating of magazine.


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