OEW4: Copperopolis, CA - Oct 19th - 20th

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OEW4: This year event will be hosted by Calaveras Tactical. OEW4 will take place in Copperopolis, CA at an undisclosed location.
It will be capped at 100 players, and players must arrive no latter than 8am Saturday Oct 19th , because players will need guidance to access the location.
More details will be provided to registered players on direction 3 days before the event.

Game $50: Saturday Oct 19th
- Free camping
- Game starts at 10am and ends at 6pm
- Bring your own paint event

Rental: $50
- MKP2/468

Tactical Course $50: Sunday Oct 20th
- Instruct by Calaveras Tactical
- Class starts at 10am - 2pm

What you will learn:
-Use of cover
- Moving off line of attack and how to respond to ambush
- "Slicing the pie" and limited penetration
- Basic elements of room entry
- Hand signals and communications
- Brief introduction to vehicles

Space is limited - register now:
OEW4: Game Only Registration ($50)
OEW4: Training Only Registration ($50)
OEW4: Game and Training Only Registration ($100)


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