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RAP4 wants you to be well armed, well taken care of...and absolutely confident in your gear. That's why we make all of our DMags with pride right here in the United States, using a patent design that is a marvel of simplicity. And to make sure you have enough of them when you need fresh magazines most, we've put together some 10-mag packages for you...at about the cost of two of our competitors' magazines.

DMags are marvels of simple engineering, ease of use, and aesthetics. Their exteriors are designed to look like the high capacity magazines familiar on modern large-caliber combat weapons, while their interiors are engineered to provide the most reliable, repeatable performance possible...while minimizing weight and cost.

While other magazines use the last generation's technology of a u-shaped, curved track through which the paint is pushed by a long spring, DMags have twin, straight wells for the paint. This reduces drag and eliminates spring binding for superior performance and higher feeding rates. Plus, each column of paint is completely independent, so if your magazine is damaged on one side, odds are it'll work fine from the other side as you blast your way out of a tough spot.

Competing magazines are generally made of metal or chunky plastic, which adds weight and a lot of cost...without adding any significant strength. Our DMags are made out of resilient polymer similar to that used in manufacturing AK and M4 magazines, meaning that our DMags are as durable as those modern military magazines. Who needs the cost and weight of metal?

Competing magazines come with premium prices that don't reflect any significant performance gain. The low price point of DMags - $58.95 for a 10-pack of either 14 or 20 round mags - makes them accessible in large quantity to everyone. Never again will you have to choose between buying paint or the magazines to load it. Never again will you have to carry a pod to reload your mags during a firefight. Never again will you spend more time hunting for dropped magazines than shooting - if you drop a DMag somewhere in a big game, just let it go...they cost about the same as a good pod.

And whoever finds it can use it in their DMag-ready paintball gun, because odds are that DMag will survive the fight just fine.

DMags are tough. They're inexpensive. Let your opponents baby their expensive, finicky magazines, while you load ten DMags onto your vest for less than the cost of one case of entry level field paint.

Then you can experience the mag-fed revolution with the most realistic, durable, and reliable equipment available.

Real Action Paintball - As Real as it Gets!


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