468 Lok-Bolt Bulletproof In Water

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Real Action Paintball is proud that our 468 proved tougher than the extreme weather. The revolutionary 468 is designed with our LOK Bolt technology, which proved itself on the field during intense summer rain...and during the long, humid battles afterwards. Where electronic eyes and other anti-chop solutions failed, the 468 and its LOK Bolt prevailed.

And so did our players.

We designed the LOK Bolt to perform a crucial function, very simply: to prevent chopping (balls breaking in the chamber), regardless of what might cause the problem. The ingenious design features purely mechanical function so you never have to worry about batteries or circuits failing when you need them most...

...and our design allows detection of moisture-compromised paint before the bolt pops them. Electronic "break beam eyes" and lasers can't do that. Advantage: RAP4's 468, MKP, T68, and other intense mil-sim woodsball markers with the LOK Bolt!

Omar Macy stood in the rain, holding a 468 as it got drenched. He brought along a three-ball stack of paint that had swollen and fused together inside a magazine turned in by a rental player. The paint was mushy, sticky, and utterly useless when it came out of the soaked DMag.

Omar thought that was perfect to prove the LOK Bolt, so he carried the 468 into the downpour and rolled tape. In an exclusive RAP4 video, he inserts the stack of compromised paint into the 468, and inserts a DMag behind them to make sure they're pushed into the marker nice and tight. That simulates a worst-case scenario where the paint already loaded into your 468 is compromised...and you might not know it.

A break beam or other electronic paint detection system would read that chamber as being filled with a paintball - which it was, amply - and allow the marker to cycle normally, exploding the ball and filling the chamber, barrel, and magazine with watery goo.

The LOK Bolt, though, detected that the paint was too soft to shoot. It prevented the bolt from being released. Omar pulled the trigger...and the 468 did not smash the nasty paint. He then pivoted the upper receiver to access the chamber, pulled the compromised paint out and threw it away, closed things up and put in a fresh DMag with dry event paint.

And pulled the trigger. Bang - the ball fired just fine.

Are you ready to keep going in all weather? RAP4 markers with the LOK Bolt are.

Real Action Paintball - As Real as it Gets!

More detail: www.rap4.com/store/paintball/lokbolt-bulletproof-water-a-838.html

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