468 With K-Dog: 1st Infantry Division Commander

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Real Action Paintball is proud to have equipped K-Dog, a commander of the 1st Infantry Division at Oklahoma D-Day, with one of our 468 markers for a portion of his campaign! He battled for the beaches with a military-configuration 468 complete with red dot reflex-style sight, and carried the marker through some of the world's toughest paintball action. Then he came back to our field headquarters and told the 468's designer, Omar Macy, all about it.

See what K-Dog has to say about carrying the 468 into battle in this exclusive interview

When he came off the boats into the teeth of the German Army, K-Dog raised that 468 and unleashed magazine after magazine of frighteningly accurate paint without any chopping. That wasn't the ideal role for a magfed marker with traditional magazines - you want a RAP4 Box Magazine when charging hundreds of entrenched opponents - but the 468 survived the onslaught...and K-Dog's 1st Infantry Division wreaked some massive havoc!

Where the 468 truly excels for commanders like K-Dog, is in the lightness and realism of their design. The 468 carries its air source onboard via a source concealed in its stock, or allows you to attach a remote line for use with HPA and CO2 tanks. K-Dog used a tank in the stock so his marker was easily set aside and picked back up as he worked his radio and commanded his troops. With a field as huge as the OK D-Day field, it's crucial to have a marker as light as the 468...and its lack of a hopper has a lot to do with keeping it light enough that you can put your energy towards storming their lines instead of dragging a traditional marker around.

But what really seals the deal is front and center in the video: the way that marker perfectly complements K-Dog's gear, his professionalism, and this aesthetic. The 468 is the most realistic paintball gun available, in look and feel, in operation and in its ability to accept combat-ready tactical accessories. It completes K-Dog's look, complements his style, and gives him the kind of high-level service a revered scenario commander demands.

Its Lok-Bolt kept that 468 from chopping paint, even as the rain and humidity destroyed paint all week long. Omar inspected the chamber on that 468 when K-Dog returned, and sure enough: no broken balls...

...thanks to the revolutionary, purely mechanical Lok-Bolt.

Thank you K-Dog, for taking our 468 to the front lines of this year's epic OK D-Day scenario game...and thanks for your time debriefing its creator!

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