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The Blackhawk Rangers is a Milsim Milsim team from the UK :

"We are based in Lincolnshire, however we do have a few members spread throughout the country. Most have 3+ years playing experience along with attending countless milsim/themed games across the country and we still enjoy attending local skirmish games as well as regular team training days.

Recently we’ve started up a Ranger Support Group (RSG) to help take on new people and introduce them into our particular style of play which has been successful. We currently have 7 full members and 2 RSG and another 2 applicants waiting for a meet and greet so even though the team has been established for 5+ years now we’re still expanding and moving in the right direction.

Guns and Gear

"As a team we focus on Modern USSF, specifically US Navy SEALS. We attempt to keep kit accurate but also understand there’s a need to adapt certain aspects to Airsoft. I guess our loadouts are best described as SEAL ‘inspired’ rather than ‘impressions’.

Our primary loadout is based around FIBUA games we try to keep kit location/mission specific so every member carries a breaching tool - bolt croppers, crowbar, sledge hammer, folding ladders etc. In the UK we’re lucky enough to have companies such as Stirling Airsoft who run games where certain entry points may be locked/secured and if you carry the kit to gain entry you may do so to gain an advantage in play.

Likewise, in line with kit, guns are expected to be close to the real world equivalent. We mostly run Mk18 mod0/1 and a couple of 416’s. For base guns we have a mix of G&G, G&P, PTW’s with the entire team using the TM Sig p226 as a secondary. A couple of guys have more specific stuff such as an Inokatsu Mk43, TM M14’s etc.

We don’t like to be a one trick pony and run several other loadouts – We run a Woodland kit mixing aor2/OD, a PMC kit, an OpFor kit (AK’s and Dish Dash galore!) and recently we’ve turned our hand to a new Multicam loadout with the idea of spicing up boring MC kit. Each member is to pick a ‘trade’ and do a kit based around that whilst trying to keep true to the original task rather than reverting to the classic “just slap loads of mag pouches everywhere”. So far we have PJ/medic , Signals, Combat Weatherman, CCT, ANP/Translator and Dog handler. The idea is that once finished the loadouts will lend more towards the roleplay/simulation element of Milsim games and add to the immersion by having guys doing a given job rather than just shooting everyone.

What are your plans for the future?

"We’ve had a very successful year thanks to many people in the airsoft community Stirling Airsoft, YTA, Airsoft Squared, John Kemp Media, GLM, Airsoft Commandos, GunHo and thanks to these guys (and many others!) we’ve managed to get an army of followers, magazine articles, interviews, blogs etc and that itself has pushed the entire team to strive and keep improving. Due to the massive amount of support and interest we opened up the RSG and the amount of applications and interest was overwhelming so we’re working through people and with any luck this will help us to move in the right direction. We won’t ever be the biggest team, by numbers, in the UK however we can confidently say we are the most successful team in Lincolnshire and would like to push that title country wide. Will it ever happen? Who knows, but it’s a something to aim for!"

If you liked what you’ve read then check out the Blackhawk Rangers Facebook page www.facebook.com/theblackhawkrangers


Cherokee where were they taken, like the first one and the helicopter one.

5 years ago

Cherokee nice pictures

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