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I was fortunate enough to be invited by Mind Games Productions to accompany them to John Lu's Weekend of Heroes: US Airsoft Expo in Columbus, Ohio June 2nd & 3rd. With the exception of a costume contest “ambush” by John and LC Angel Amy, I survived my first Airsoft Expo on scathed. I now have the task of editing video from not only Origins 2012, also hosted this past week 3 miles away, but the tons of clips I have from WOH. I'll also try to post blogs through out the next few weeks feature certain aspects of the Expo. While you wait for both the videos and the blogs, here is a quick AAR of the weekend, in case you couldn't make it.

The amount of media fire power was extremely impressive, and there will be no doubt an ab abundance of content coming your way from a variety of media celebs such as CrazyNCMan, Airsoftology, and Pyramid Airsoft just to name a few. Several OLCMSS Chief-of-Staffs were in attendance, including Greg Brothers who was kind enough to talk with us in one of our future videos. Greg shares some information with us about upcoming Ops as well as his thoughts on Airsoft LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) something that Mind Game Productions has been doing for years at gaming/comic book conventions. The beautiful LC Angel Amy made an appearance, signing autographs and posing for pictures with convention go-ers, including an interview with Merlin's Blog Spot.

Several Manufactures were in attendance, showing off the latest and greatest in Airsoft Replicas (because as MSG Max Mullen specifically told me, they are not toys). Spartan Imports showed off the latest from Javelin and Magpul among other things including a pocket double barreled shot gun (watch the video….SICK). ZShot brought their crowd favorite LMG Stoner and a few great sniper weapons that will be released in the next few months. KWA brought their highly anticipated KRISS as well as their RM4, GBB AK47s and their recently released GBB Pistols. Pantac USA showed off a new assualt Pack in ATacs as well as a Desert Marpat chest rig that is as close to AOR as legally possible.

Elite Force teamed up with VooDoo Tactical and Save Phace for one of the largest displays at the expo. Elite Force continues to be one of the few manufacturers who are promoting their Bio degradable BBs, which you know makes us happy, among their new lines of AEGs and Pistols.

The local retailers were great! The War Den teamed up with Shoot My Ash, a computer/sound added targeting system, to provide one of the most exciting displays at the Expo (including a shoot off between John Lu and LC Angel Amy.) Alpha Airsoft, Airsoft Smith and Amp Airsoft were among some of the other dealers that were in attendance providing a huge selection of products to choose from. Crazy Cro Mags didn't hold back, bringing an entire trailer into the expo and setting out rows of display cases filled to the point of overload with tactical gear and replicas.

The highlight of the weekend to me however, was not the replicas, the gear, or the swag, but to meet and have an extensive conversation with one of America's true heroes, MSG Max Mullen. This will be one of the most exciting, informative videos I will ever get to edit, as he gives true incite to were airsoft came from and is going. If you haven't read it already, Tactical MilSim Magazine covers both the real steel and the airsoft community with various tactics, event coverage, and product reviews.

Well, that's it for now. Make sure to subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel to make sure you do not miss any of the great videos that are on their way. Check back here, as we will be posting blogs featuring news from the Expo.

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