All Weather Duty: RAP4’s LOK Bolt

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Real Action Paintball is proud that our LOK Bolt will keep you in the game no matter the weather. While rain can compromise the integrity of your paint, your 468 will keep going strong...and keep you safe from chopping paint. The purely mechanical LOK Bolt requires no batteries, will not short circuit in the rain, and is engineered to succeed where laser "eyes" fail.

We saw the LOK Bolt save the day at OK D-Day this year, when the skies opened up and compromised a lot of players' paint. Those using 468s cleared their compromised paint without chopping, swapped in fresh magazines full of dry paint, and got right back to blasting away as those with hoppers dumped hundreds of wasted balls and scrubbed out filthy chambers. The 468 held a distinct advantage, one shared with other markers equipped with our LOK Bolt.

The LOK Bolt mechanism includes a small lever that is engaged by paint when it becomes fully seated in the chamber. Pull the trigger, and your 468 or other LOK Bolt - enable marker fires normally. But if the paint isn't fully seated yet, the LOK Bolt prevents the bolt from "chopping" paint by rapidly closing on a partially-seated ball. In this way, it functions like a simplified, more reliable version of a complicated break-beam laser system.

Where it really excels is in wet weather where your paint becomes compromised by exposure to high humidity or direct water contact. In those cases, your paint swells and becomes squishy...and won't fit down your barrel. These balls pop like miniature water balloons when bolts close on them, making the inside of your paintball gun a soupy mess. Laser eyes "see" those compromised balls in the chamber, and allow the marker to cycle as if nothing is wrong.

But the LOK Bolt won't - that lever will not be properly engaged by compromised the bolt can't close. You'll know the paint is fine when you pull the trigger and it fires through the rain, striking your opponent. You'll know the paint is compromised when you pull the trigger and the LOK Bolt prevents your marker from bursting the paint. Either way, your test is simple: pull the trigger. Clear the spoiled paint if it your gun goes click instead of bang.

The 468's revolutionary design makes clearing spoiled paint incredibly simple. Just disengage the rear receiver pin and rotate the top half of the receiver up. Shake the compromised paint out of the chamber, close the receivers and slide the pin back in place, then insert a fresh magazine...and keep going. It's that simple, and takes just a few seconds - a proper fix that is impossible with most other paintball gun designs, giving you an edge when the clouds open up.

The LOK Bolt comes standard on the 468, and is available for the MKP and T68 as well. Make sure you have a LOK Bolt installed before you take to the field, and no matter the weather or rate of fire, you'll have the confidence that your marker won't you can focus on your tactics and complete your mission.

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