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Introducing a new team from England: Team Gun Ho.

"The key members: Team Gun Ho was established from the key players and marshals at Gun Ho Airsoft, a woodland site located in the North East of England near to Middlesbrough. We have a core group of 11 players with 4 others joining us as their time allows. We have a varied age range throughout the team but we all have the same principles and beliefs when it comes to playing Airsoft the honourable and right way.

Team style: We enjoy playing a variety of sites but mainly concentrate on CQB (when available) and Woodland. Each of these dictates their own tactics but we make sure we keep our close knit teamwork going no matter what. Our passion leans more toward milsim games and we try to get away to weekend events as much as possible.

Team kit: Our kit varies depending on the terrain, ranging from US M81 for Woodland games, to the more commonplace Multicam for Urban warfare. We try to keep a team uniformity going (especially during weekenders) but members have some variance on kit depending on their personal preference but draw some inspiration from several real world units while trying to develop our own look and what works best for us. Most of the team make use of lightweight / jumpable plate carriers and WAS DCS’s, along with M4 variant rifles (SCAR’s & HK416’s being in the ascendancy).

Our team badge draws inspiration from our home site which has more than a few mosquitoes during the summer months!

Team background: Before setting up Gun Ho Airsoft our marshals previously attended sites all over the North of England (Cumbria Airsoft being a favourite) together for years, something which had to be placed on hold with the opening of their own site. It was during the running of this site that the marshals along with several regular players decided to set up a team to get back to their roots of touring other sites. Starting off with a core of 8 players the team has since expanded to around 14 members, most of whom regularly attend away games as well as playing at our home site.

In addition to skirmish days and milsim games the team members also regularly train as a group, practicing everything from woodland tactics to CQB room clearing, with the aim to become a more cohesive unit and a stand out team at larger games.

Favourite sites: Team Gun Ho attend various sites throughout the UK regularly, and despite starting out as a woodland team we are now moving more towards the urban / CQB sites as our preferred playground. Obviously our home site, Gun Ho Airsoft, will always be a favourite among the team, where we both play and marshal depending on numbers. As a team we've branched out this year making an active effort to try out a number of sites within reasonable travelling distance each month. The highlights so far on our Skirmish Site tour have been Op-Tactical’s STAN and First & Only’s Anzio sites.

Over the history of the team we have attended a number of weekenders all around the country and we are never let down when attending games hosted at any of the MOD’s FIBUA sites such as Catterick, Rype Village, Swynerton. Copehill or Sennybridge.

Future games: Our main focus for the year ahead is Milsim games and we're planning on attending several weekend games over the summer in addition to the usual skirmish days. Long term we're hoping to visit Europe and see what the continent has to offer in terms of play style."

For more information on the team, equipment they use, videos and more check out their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/GunHoTeam and their Youtube channel : www.youtube.com/user/GunHoAirsoft


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