The Jarek4 Controversy by CrazyNCMan

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There have been a few years of contraversy regarding a YouTube broadcaster named Jarek4. He is known for creating reviews of airsoft material much like any of us would and talks about the products. He is also known for selling goods to people in the US and has once had his own online store called Dragon Red Airsoft (was once known as Red Dragon Airsoft as well).

There has also been a retailer and YouTube broadcaster by the name of crazyNCman who is a reputable retailer in the US who also makes reviews of airsoft products. CrazyNCman is very well known among the airsoft community.

There has been much conflict between these two YouTube broadcasters which has lead to many online disputes on YouTube comment sections and actual YouTube videos over why they have a go at eachother.

This is only a part of the story of why crazyNCman has been against Jarek4 and what he has posted regarding Jarek4's alleged lies and indecent, illegal trade dealings.

Here is an update on Jarek4 burning a player for $170 for the G26c. As of today (September 2013) there has been no update, no tracking and no refund. In 5 days it will be 2 months since the buyer paid for the gun. Please share these posts!

Here is the link to the Facebook video posting as facebook videos cannot be embedded on this website at this time:

This video is unfortunately only available on Facebook because the original video was taken down due to unknown copywright by Jarek4. Here is a link of the banned YouTube video:

Please let us know what you think of this, and what it means to you. This post is exclusive to AirsoftSquared as The Machine Gun Dog website is a media provider and not a news broadcaster. However we felt the need to share this article and corresponding video.


Sean I think he should be arrested. It appears to be fraud, perpetrated online. If the law wont hold him accountable, then the airsoft community should. People like him make me sick and ruin the purchasing experience for airsofters, new and veteran. Retailers online should be standing up against him, if for no other reason than to save their own businesses from the poor image this clown is creating.

5 years ago

Bigboss92 I think Jarek4 should refund the person his money as he requested a refund in the first place. If it was me then I would go over to his place and get my refund because I would be real mad if I didn't get the gun or a refund.

By the way I uploaded the original video on my channel:

5 years ago

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