Airsoft CQC KWA Glock 18c Action Montage II

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Creation date September 15, 2013
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More action! The back alley CQC field have seen some changes during its time but the new HQ section really hit the spot. Before there was a bottleneck problem at the middle of the field and game play would often get stuck at that bottleneck.

With the new HQ section, a second floor are on top of the bunker in the middle of the field with two catwalks, really opens up the game. You should expect to get flanked at any moment. I had so much fun last time I was doing CQC airsoft there.

The owner/moderator all ready got some more improvements going on and I think this also will bring out the game play towards the end of the field, but I still have to wait for that to see the results.

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