Episode 1 - The Mall 12.03.2013

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Keywords: MGD, Episode, Night, Vision

This is the first episode of The Machine Gun Dog which features airsoft videos which are either taken at an observer's perspective or that of a first person perspective with a player playing.

This episode takes place at ZED Adventures' The Mall (Reading, UK) on the 12th September 2013. This episode highlights a game where one team starts defending with only one life and the attacking team only starts with six players. As the defending team starts losing players, they respawn as the attacking team until the time limit runs out or the defending team have been annihilated.

This episode was taken with a night vision camera, hence the black and white format of the video footage. This is paired with a 950mn IR torch to allow for the camera to see in the dark without the players being lit up.

You can find pictures to these episodes on facebook through this link: on.fb.me/1aNDZwu


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