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Has you probably already know we at Operator7 are big fans of the hit webseries BLACK and have been following the series since episode one, we also have been talking with the creator/director of BLACK,Frank T. Ziede, for a little while and we had the chance of making a small interview with him that you can read bellow:

Operator7 – Tell us a little about you and how you started in filmmaking.

Frank Z: I’m originally from Phoenix, AZ, but did I live in LA for quite a few years and got a taste of the Hollywood experience. I’ve always been a fan of cinema, specifically action films. Not just action for action sake but action with compelling characters and a complex story. Some of my favorites films are Michael Mann’s HEAT, Luc Besson’s THE PROFESSIONAL, James Cameron’s ALIENS as well as Ridley Scott’s BLADE RUNNER.

Operator7 – What inspired you to make the BLACK web series?

Frank Z: I’ve always been a fan of 24, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and other action based projects. We felt that there would be a fan base out there that would respond to this type of show and we were right. The other draw was to use real military operators as part of the show. They know what to do without telling them and that has been a huge benefit throughout this project. read the full interview go to:


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