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International forces involved in an infiltration and planned capture or execution of former Kosovan war criminal Hector Yurasikovich, came back with the following INTEL:
Investigation into evidence found at a COMMS platform indicate communications with a network of terrorist organisations, mainly in the Middle East, and western Asian countries. This network of organization has got a lot more funding than we previously believed. The organization, made up of many smaller networks, is known as El Quahones.

This network is much larger, and a lot more organised than we had ever anticipated. Utilizing former Soviet scientists and weapons technicians, they have the capability to fight back with many weapons never seen before, capable of equalling, or outpowering the UNFORS.

The exact financial capability of this network is unknown, but funding sources have been discovered having links to the oil companies of Iraq, Iran, Syria, and more. Diamond mines and cocaine dealers from the former Soviet Union, from many of the Eastern European countries, have been discovered as having major involvement in the funding of this organization. We estimate the capability of this organization to fund a multi-billion dollar war effort, to be extremely likely. The actual size and scale of this organization is unknown. El Quahones is believed to have terrorist members in every country in the western world, capable of activating agents and units within 24 hours notice.

A mass burial site investigated just outside of a town in western Somalia, has shown evidence of testing of new nerve gases, and germ warfare. It is believed that these weapons have been perfected to a point where they can be deployed and utilized by OPFORS. A nerve gas capable of enabling cells from the inside of the human body, to lead a biological attack on a human's body from it's own cells. The human unlucky enough to inhale such a vapor, will experience the extreme pain of his own body attacking itself from the inside, outwards.

A virus capable of being deployed into a storm cell and distributed via rain, has been discovered in the bodies of the victims. It's believed to spread as an epidemic of flesh eating bacteria, that reproduces whilst eating the cells of the host. It rapidly multiplies within a few days, then able to become airborne, and search for more victims. It is capable of living outside of the human body for 3-4 hours before dying. This bacteria can be dropped into an urban environment, and destroy every living human within a 4 hour radius, within a few days.

Inside the City of Jerichovia, the headquarters and the LAB of Hector Yurasikovich revealed plans for small, mobile rocket units, capable of deploying a small payload over extremely long distances. Plans also showed launch sites on the west coast of Africa, believed to be capable of launching a small payload across the atlantic into Central, and perhaps even Northern America.
During a raid of a Regional Command Center in Babylon, evidence was found of small units capable of controlling and remotely launching these small rockets, as well as monitoring their flight path until detonation.

It is believed, although not confirmed, that nuclear capability may be under negotiation with North Korea.

We thought that Hector Yurasikovich would be relatively easy to take down, and whilst this was the case, he may have been a small player in a much larger picture. We only hit the tip of the iceberg on this one.

INTEL found has led us to several locations in many different countries. Our target has now become the infrastructure of this organization, and the disarmament of the immediate threats to UN countries.

This is bigger than we thought. It's much more than just one person with a grudge. This is a global threat of major proportions, bigger than we can begin to understand, and will take every last man we have, to control it.


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