Review of the Propper ACU Trousers in A-TACS

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The A-TACS concealment solution is one of the most popular camos in the Military and thus in the Airsoft world. The science behind this pattern can be taken down to the size of a pixel, where the people behind this solution looked for a more organic pattern that would have a more natural appearance, thus blending in better.

So they eliminated all 90 degree angles and square pixels, replacing them with the organically shaped ones, and segmenting these in groups organized within the pattern.

These apparently random groups of different colors then form the A-TACS camo. They call it a “pattern within a pattern” and its complexity helps to better deceive the human eye and blend in most scenarios as you will see.

Thanks to Crypsis, I've been wearing these pair of trousers out on the field during the past month and my experience has been quite positive.

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