Mind Game Productions hosts Tac Ops 9

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Mind Game Productions, a MilSim production company based out of Orlando, Florida, hosted their 9th TacOps on June 23rd, 2012. The TacOps series is a milsim series based on intense CQB/CQC battles relying heavily on team work, good communications, and squad skills. Held at CSENTRI, players have over 80,000 Sq. ft. of hallways, rooms, and offices to traverse through in order to complete their objectives.

TacOps 9 introduced a few new objectives, including a hybrid "Haz-mat" shuffle, bank robbery, and an ambush scenario. Actors have been brought in to add flavor and drama, brining that human element into the players' decision making process. Players interacted with actors in order to complete their objectives, such as recovering bombs to interviewing bank patrons in order to figure out the amount of opposition the might face in retaking the bank.

Teams came from as far away as Miami for this one day event. Sheepdogs MilSim team made the 4 hour travel to test their CBQ skills. Other MGP regulars like War Pigs and ultimate warrior winners FKM were in attendance, and teamed up to oppose the Sheepdogs in many of the events.

Next month, Mind Game Productions will head back in time and host Operation Cotton Mouth, a Vietnam era game in their Legacy Event series. Legacy Events are 16+ events intended to introduce younger players to the MilSim experience. Operation Cotton Mouth will be held July 7th, at the DV8 Field just east of Tampa. To register for this event, or for more information on other MGP events, please go to www.mindgame-productions.com. Register on their forums and participate in the conversation.


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