Firesupport September 2013 News

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Firesupport Sept 2013 News

Over 100 new products added to the Firesupport web site in last few days

More product coming soon

ASG/Ares Spring AW338 and magazines

Milspec Monkey - Hoodies, Patches, Water bottles, Caps, TShirts, Caribiner

Mechanix Gloves - Fingerless, Mpact, Mpact-3

Flashbang magazine

Guay Guay - SIG AEGs, .20, .25, .28, .30 bbs

Creation Cusom parts - TM MP7 GBB replacement nozzle, rails, sears, barrels

Lees Precsion mag repair kits

Madbull Compensators

Marui Recce rifle in TAN and M92 Bio Hazzard ltd edition

Umarex HK 416C and Umarex M27

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