WL Gore – GORE Lightweight Loft

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W.L. Gore
Technically advanced Gore products enable military forces to focus on their mission without concerns about gear or equipment performance. Gore fabrics protect soldiers from cold, wind, driving rain, sleet, and sandstorms. When it comes to critical gear and equipment, military forces know that every Gore product is reliable where it really counts–in the field.

W.L. Gore – GORE Lightweight Loft
Product Description

The garment provides the best combination of weather protection, packability, and comfort in an insulated garment. The jacket offers faster and smaller pack volume, quick dry out, and improved weather protection in cold conditions. This fabric and insulation combination has been adopted by SOCOM in the new PCU level 3B product.

Durably Water Resistant – protects insulation by keeping it dry, minimal water penetration and water pick-up reduces potential to increase weight and reduce user comfort, water resistant after wear and wash
Durably Windproof – minimal loss of warmth in wind
Moisture Vapor Permeable – high breathability offers enhanced comfort and faster dry-out of under layers, further enhancing operational effectiveness
Air Permeable – made with GORE® FASTPACK technology; faster to pack with reduced pack volume, able to pack in its own pocket


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