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Well, even though airsoft guns were once used as a major plaything for kids, it has now turned out to be a replica for guns, to be used by military training. Since real firearms too much expensive, it's not possible to use them for the military training and other purposes, always., and this is where replica airsoft pistols help you out the best. Moreover, many people are enjoying airsoft matches to a great extent as a mode of entertainment, instead of playing paintball only. There are a number of online as well as offline communities, who enjoy airsoft matches, on a regular basis. So, if you are not aware of the different types of airsoft pistols and guns, here are some of the most trendy ones, which are available at Airsoft megastore, at an absolutely affordable range.

· BE M500 SSB 5-Shot Airsoft Gas Powered Shotgun

While gas powered guns are one of the most popular type of the three available kinds, the BE M500 SSB series is known to be one of the most realistic range of airsoft guns, available in the market. The magazine tube, barrel and receiver are all made of metal and therefore they weigh a lot and feel like real shotguns, made of steel, maintaining the front and rear balance. One of the greatest advantages of this type of gun is that it produces a clear and crisp loading sound while pumping the gas, unlike the spring-powered shotguns. Each of the shot delivers almost five rounds to the target with a bit wider groupings than the AEG rifles and this makes it one of the most ideal option for a CQB games. Some of the exclusive features of this type of gun are tubular loading system, metal barrel and receiver, rubber impregnated, full length stock, metal magazine outer tube, front and rear QD sling mounts, advanced ghost ring rear sight, which is adjustable etc. This is one of the best-selling products of Airsoft Megastore and though the type of ammo, used in this gun is the seamless 0.20g or heavier Bbs, it is advisable to use GoldenBall ProSlick BBs since they are perfectly dense and consistent, in terms of performance.

· Custom ASG Airsoft Ashburry Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

Well, bolt action sniper rifles are available in the market since quite a long time, but there are not many replica sniper rifles, modeled after the advanced firearm system, which are followed in the real steel rifles. This custom Ashburry rifle is known as silent warrior and it features an advanced M170 zero-trigger kit which makes the rifle shoot approximately 530 FPS and exactly tag targets more than 200 feet. The exclusive features of these rifles are stainless steel cylinder body and head, M170 spring, piston, made up of stainless steel, easy installation and drop-in, stainless steel spring guide, completely licensed by Ashbury Precision Ordnance, integrated monopod with vertical adjustment, monolithic top rail of full length, 20 inch outer barrel, adjustable cheek riser, hard-shell case, completely adjustable pistol grip, collapsible or folding stock etc.

Well, to know more about such interesting products, at an affordable rate, please visit


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