Raptac Announces Operation Clean Sweep, 24 Hour MilSim Op.

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Raptac, or Raptor Tactical Applications and Operations, is recently introduce their latest MilSim Event named Operation Clean Sweep.

Pulling from their years of experience, many members being active or former military service members, Operation Clean Sweep promises to be an in-depth, story rich Op that will thrust players into modern real world scenarios. "Rip From the Headlines" type scenarios experienced by members of Raptac will test individuals and teams alike, while testing their resolve during this unique 24 hour op.

The event is being held at the NC Reservation Warfare Center in Fayttville,NC near Fort Bragg, December 7-8 2013.

Those that are looking to prove that they are "Operator" enough, or for those who like a challenge can apply to be one of three US groups featured at the event. These 3 groups include ODA-029, NSW and MARSOC each with their own designated uniform (Multicam, DCU/MARPAT/AOR1&2, tri-color woodland.)

Yes, we said apply. We talked with Co-Founder Cole Wilson who explained the reason for applications. He explains that many times, people are willing to show up with all the needed gear, from boots, authentic weapons platforms, to night vision goggles. They sometimes forget to bring the mental readiness and pre-planning to perform to the level that promoters expect from special units in order to make the event successful.

Teams and individuals will be considered on a number of things such as: experience both on the local and national level, military and/or law enforcement experience, show competence in pre-Op planning, as well as a vetting process through Facebook and other Event Organizers.

If you do not make the cut, or if you don't feel the urge to "Operate," there are plenty of opportunities for you else where. Among the role players who will play a variety of different roles including Pakistani weapons dealers, there will also be three other factions to choose from. The Afghan Police Force (tri-color BDU) will be your next best bet if you want to come fully kit'd out. The Taliban Fighting Forces and Iski militia will be expected NOT to be in camouflage, and are required to have kits that do not represent those of the US Forces. This does not mean you HAVE to run an AK47 (or anything other then an M4,) but they would like for these forces to get away from high speed tactical gear.

The story is this (courtesy Raptac's Facebook Page)

It's late 2013 and US Forces are continuing to draw down their troop levels in preparations of turning over combat operations to Afghan Forces. Along the Afghan-Pakistani border in SE Afghanistan American Special Operation Forces (SOF) have taken the lead role in recruiting and training both the Afghan National Army and the Afghan Local Police. USSOCOM has formulated a precision operation called Operation:Clean Sweep in which units from Army ODA, MARSOC, and NSW will launch a fast paced offensive in a region currently unoccupied by NATO forces near the Shira Khot valley. The fast paced offensive action is designed to cause Taliban and Al-Qaeda forces to immediately retreat into Pakistan allowing the US Forces to quickly establish several FOBs and recruit and train a local Afghan fighting force before the spring fighting season begins and the Taliban and Al-Qaeda fighters begin to reenter the AO.

It is vital for those applying for SF groups to understand the fast paced nature of the event. You will be expected to completely a large amount of FRAGOs at a rapid pace. The quality and preparedness of those who are accepted as one of the three SF units will dictate how successful this event will be for everyone.

Registration is $55, and is now OPEN. Go towww.raptac.org for more information and to register for this event.


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