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Firesupport SHS Delivery
SHS Products back in stockSHS-CL0133 SHS CNC Steel, standard gear set 18:1 (m120-M180 spring)
SHS-TT0035 SHS 15 Steel Teeth Standard Poly Carb Blue Piston
SHS-TT0044 SHS 7 Steel Teeth Standard Poly Carb Blue Piston
SHS-TH0037 SHS v2 gearbox, 6 Spring set
SHS-T-T0009 SHS G36 Hop-up unit
SHS-TT0031 SHS 14 Steel Teeth Poly Carb Blue Piston
SHS-TT0036 SHS 15 Steel Teeth Standard Poly Carb Purple Piston
SHS-ZT0018 SHS 7mm Ball bearing bushing
SHS-CL0136 SHS High Speed gear set 13:1 (m110 - m180 spring)
SHS-ZT0019 SHS 8mm Ball bearing bushing
SHS-CL5003 SHS v2 Anti Reversal catch With spring
SHS-CL5008 SHS stardard bevel steel gear.
SHS-CL6001-2-4-5 SHS AEP Gear steel set (G18 USP M92 MP7 VZ) 4 gear set
SHS-CL6010 SHS Marui M14 v7 Steel CNC Gear set SHS-GT0028
SHS M4 aluminium Cylinder head with O-rings
SHS-M0024 SHS VFC 416 M4 Bolt Catch Release
SHS-TH0044 SHS v7 gearbox 6 Spring set
SHS-TT0040 SHS 19 Steel Teeth SR25 Standard Poly Carb White Piston
SHS-WD0009 SHS v3 Spring guide stainless steel
SHS-CL6008 SHS Cut off lever for AEP
SHS-CL7028 SHS SR25 Gear set High Speed M110-M150 spring
SHS-DJ1007 SHS Aluminium CNC 552 motor cag,
SHS-GT0014 SHS AK aluminium Cylinder head with O-ring
SHS-TZ0034 SHS M4 Nozzle red SHS-WD0008 SHS v2 Spring guide stainless steel
SHS-WM201170 SHS 25mm scope mount base short
SHS-WM201172 SHS 25mm scope mount base
SHS-WM201062 SHS Quad Rail Hand Guard For M4 Size RIS system.
SHS-WM201176 SHS Pistol scope mount FN57 and Marui Warrior
SHS-WM201009 SHS AR15 M4 M16 Hand Guard Rail Set
SHS-WM201004 SHS Universal Tri rail barrel mount with Laser Clamp.

See SHS www.fire-support.co.uk/category/shs/


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