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Much like your footwear, the socks you wear on any outdoor activity can also have a significant effect on your comfort. Airsoft games, hunting and duty tasks require a high level of physical action and we should treat it with the appropriate technical respect. Hiking socks have evolved a lot in the past few years. Now-a-days, socks are composite technical wonders, using different materials in different sections of the sock to best fulfill a job. Stronger fibers to resist abrasion are used in the toe and heel areas. Elastic fibers hold the sock snug to the ankle and calf. Wool and synthetic cushioning and moisture wicking fibers are used around the foot to help keep the foot dry and warm.

The variety of socks produced by Pentagon help with:

• Cushioning your feet to make your hike more enjoyable
• Wicking moisture from your feet to help prevent blisters
• Keeping your feet warm when hiking in winter or adverse weather
• Reducing blister-causing friction
• Improving boot fit, but only very small amounts

Greek Airsoft Team


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