Scarab Arms TGR Magazine Fed Paintball Gun

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Real Action Paintball is proud to introduce the Scarab Arms TGR 2 magazine fed paintball gun, a hot new primary marker for our fans of milsim paintball. The Scarab takes standard RAP4 T68 magazines, and comes complete with HK-style iron sights to use on its full-length RIS top rail. With a handguard that features three other RIS rails, the Scarab is ready to accept your choice of optics, lights, lasers, or other accessories that mount to military-standard accessory rails... your Scarab TGR 2 can handle, look, and function, as real as it gets!

We've put together a great package for you that puts a Scarab TGR 2 in your hands along with two magazines for a sweet price. With our Scarab Arms TGR 2 Magazine Fed Paintball Package, we start with a padded, lockable carrying case, then fill it with a Scarab TGR 2, an 18 round spring-loaded magazine, a more compact spring-loaded 12 round magazine, a multi-position collapsible stock that houses a hidden onboard air source, a tank adapter for the rear of the receiver, and a spare parts kit - everything you need to get up and going, except the 13ci HPA tank, 7 oz CO2 tank, or 88gram CO2 powerlet. If you don't already have one of those air sources, it's easy to add one to your package based on your mission requirements (and what type of fills your field offers).

When you unbox your Scarab TGR 2, you'll notice that it operates just like a duty-issue carbine: a t-handle charging handle cocks the marker, a thumb-manipulated fire control switch selects "safe" or "semi auto," the magazines insert and remove in the exact manner of an M4...and the Scarab has the balance, ergonomics, and look of a modern battle rifle. Right down to the muzzle break!

To enhance accuracy, and improve its utility in your collection, the Scarab TGR 2 even has a free-floated barrel - a standard requirement of the most accurate M4 platforms. The barrel features Tippmann A5 threads, so aftermarket barrels are plentiful when it comes time to choose a different length or style to adapt your Scarab TGR 2 to changing mission requirements...or should you want to use your Scarab's barrel on your A5 backup gun.

The Scarab TGR 2 was designed by milsim players, for milsim players, and you'll appreciate their attention to detail...and their use of T6 aluminum and the latest high-strength polymers to create such a durable paintball gun. The Scarab TGR 2 is ready to survive the toughest milsim engagements, in the harshest environments, because its creators play there, too.

Are you ready for a Scarab TGR 2?

Real Action Paintball - As Real as it Gets!

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