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I will be posting a blog in the next week or so on how to create a hasty harness for anyone who is interested in self-rescue to the MilSimer trying to create the operator look. However, Rome was not built-in a day and that where this blog comes in. Knots are the basis of any rope system, whether it is for self-rescue, high-angle rescue, recreational repelling or tactical insertions. So lets walk before we run, and highlight some of the more common knots that you will see in any system.

While there are several different variety of ropes, the type featured in this section is static kermantle rope. It is widely used in military, law enforcement, and rescue applications for its long life span and excellent strength. Being that it is life-rescue rope (1/2?), it is thicker then a typical single person rope.

Make sure to check out all the photos and uses of the basic knots used in life safety.

Read the whole article at www.merlinsblogspot.com


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