Fulda Gap 2013 - WARSAW Wins Using EGI As Hammer

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Operation Irene might be the “Super Bowl” of MilSim, but Fulda Gap should be considered a pilgramige for Airsofters, as 1,089 players lined up for what would promise to be an intense, 2-day battle. The Command Decision Center in Taylorsville, NC played host to the 2013 Fulda Gap scenario, easily one of the largest Airsoft events in the world, and possibly the largest in the Nation.

Fulda Gap was a strategic low land area that was thought to possibly be where the WARSAW would advance their tanks in order to directly attack US Forces in West Germany during the Cold War. The Fulda Gap Scenario plays out that “What If.” Since 2009, the Fulda Gap Scenario has been played out and grown tremendously from it’s original 150 players.

While I had originally planned to attend Op:Irene this year, some financial hardships preventing me from joining the guys from the Tennesse Airsoft Shop (make sure to check back here for Darkhorses Opinion on Op:Irene.) However, Thumpy & Stampede Airsoft had been talking to me about this small event in the foothills (They lied, it was more like mountains to a Florida native) of North Carolina. While not a strict MilSim event (lots of different uniform options and {gasp} high caps) it was sold to me as a challenging event through it’s terrain and awesome AO. Bunkers strategically placed along trenches, creeks, and cliffs added to the wooded terrain. Even the open field was exactly “open” by Florida standards, with huge drops and raises in elevation.

After talking with the East German Infantry’s CO at Op:Sovereign Fury, I was quick to sign up for the EGI. Not only would I be playing along side the guys & gals from Stampede Airsoft (Holy Cowz Airsoft Team), 6mm Militia and Raptor 1, I would be apart of the spear of the Warsaw forces. The 90 member company was promise to be the shock troops, and given tough assignments that would require a swift unit that had more numbers then the elite Spetzna group would have.

Game Start

The East German Infantry (EGI) started the game at the west boarder of East Germany along the DMZ, waiting for the word that the game had started to rush the gap in the terrain caused by high voltage power lines. The squad of NATO forces that patroled the West German village of Kassel had no idea that the full force of EGI was headed their way, becuase within 30 minutes of start time, Kassel had fallen and Holiday(Op Romeo) was in their sights. I was hit just after the fall of Holiday by a few forces coming out of NATO’s Dead Zone (DZ) 2, and would miss out on the fall of Duckett (Bad Hersfeld.)

Later I was able to hook up with the guys from 6mm Militia as they took Op Alpha head on, and pushed into Alpha (Fulda.) With Duckett and Alpha in complete control by WARSAW forces, the next key strong hold was Hamburger Hill (Marburg.) If WARSAW gained control of Hamburger Hill, this would open up DZ 7 for WARSAW forces, giving us a respawn point within West Germany. The initial fall of Hamburger Hill took a HUGE amount of effort by EGI along with several elements of the larger Warsaw Units (117th & 39th.)

By noon, reinforcements reached Hamburger Hill so that EGI could take Apache head on.

DZ 7

Dead Zone 7, the WARSAW respawn point in West Germany was a huge target for EGI, as it opened up a corrider for quick resuppling of troops and supplies to forces along the fron in West Germany. It provide to be as much of a contended control point as was any other objective along the south side of the DMZ.

DZ 7 was located along a creek below hamburger hill just to the west of route 10. It in itself was a challenge just to get out of DZ7 due to the climb that WARSAW forces had to climb just to get to route 10, which was usually heavily contest by NATO troops coming out of 1 of 3 exits for DZ 3. Many times, EGI would have to traverse the terrain along the creek towards another path that would leave to Route 4.

The Fall of Apache

Apache (Limberg) would prove to be the toughest challenge of the day for the EGI. Reiforced by a respawn point to the south, as well as entrenched troops in Wetzlar, EGI had multiple flanks to try and protect while advancing into a fortified position that had in the past, been defended by just 3 members of Raptor 1 Milsim. While the 117th kept the small force in Wetzlar occupied from the west, Myself and Platoon Leader Troy and Squad Leader Mario lead an assualt from the North with swift action that would not only secure Wetzlar, but allow the 117th to move along route 10 and secure our right flank into Apache.

The EGI made slow progess into Apache along the woods to the North, and even when the fort itself was surrounded, troops had to move in with pistols and engage in close quarters combat (CQB) in order to flush the rest of the NATO forces out. For the rest of the afternoon, elements of EGI, 117th, and the 39th would repel small counter attacks from the south.

Whats That Bright Light?

Nato’s last large strong hold remained Sim City, a large city in on the East side of West Germany located on flat land, above it’s surrounding woods. From this elevated position, NATO forces coul hold out until endex….except for one issue. WARSAW still had the nuke card in their hand, and decided to use it. Once a Nuke card is played, everyone in that objective is killed, and that objective is now no longer in play for the rest of that phase.

With the loss of their last strong hold, NATO quickly set their sites on Apache and Alpha. EGI split forces, leaving a small force in Apache while the rest of their numbers reinforced Alpha, a larger base with trenches, but more vaunerable from attack from the direction that NATO would be coming from. I would stay with my platoon at Apache, which provide to be an intense and fun experience.

NATO forces quickly moved up the hillside (I say mountain side since I’m from Florida) and converage on Apache through the woods. Pinned down by a few entrenched forces along the wood line of apache, NATO quickly moved west and attempted to move on Apache by moving up Route 10. This would prove fatal, as even a ref told me that it was pretty awesome to see 30 EGI hold of a force of NATO troops 3 times s large. He went on to tell me that many of the NATO forces would eventually give up and move on Hamburger Hill.

End of Saturday

The end of Saturday would find EGI fighting along Route 4 as NATO forces would be held at a bunker at the intersection of Routes 4 & 10. EGI would be held along Route 4 by forces in the vally near POL (Neuhof) as snipers took out myself and several other members of EGI before the end of game sounded.


Sunday found the EGI defending Alpha, which somehow quickly turned into a small push into the woods east of Alpha by members of Holy Cowz. From their hiding spots in the tress between Routes 2 & 4, myself and members of Holy Cowz were able to pin down NATO forces coming out of Sim City using routes 3 & 4 and bridge 1.

Once Alpha was reinforce by elements of the 117th, EGI was pulled of the front lines for an AO sweep. Members of 6mm would sweep from OP Alpha through West Germany to Kassel, while Myself and Holy Cowz would sweep East Germany from Ohrdruf to the western boundry of East Germany. While the main objective was to check for random NATO forces, the ultimate catch was for the Special Forces (SF) mobile respawn.

The element that I was attached to made it through Ohrdruf, having to wade through the waters at B7 because the bridge was out, until we met a small force from the 39th that was pinned down by an unknown amount of NATO forces in Meinigen.

Assualt on Meinigen

1st Platoon quickly moved on the Meinigen, which consisted of an elevated shake, and a bunker that faced along route 7. 2nd squad quickly moved to the left flank, while 1st squad took the first bunker, but then becamed pinned by fire from the white van located at the read of Meinigen. 2nd squad quickly layed down cover fire, but found themselves under firce fire from the woods west of Route 7.

2nd squad was eventually able to eleminate the fire from the woods, and draw fire from the elevated platform so that 1st squad was able to move up and perform a bunker tag. This left a few forces on the right flank that were quickly eleminated by the rest of 1st squad that were able to move up from their previous position after being pinned down by the elevated bunker.

Once Meiningen was taken, 1st Platoon met up with 2nd Platoon at Holiday where we were allowed our first down time of the weekend.

The rest of the afternoon played out much like Saturday. EGI along with the Spetznas and 117th rushed Hamburger Hill, and then eventually took Apache once again. The big difference from Saturday though, was the fact that WARSAW rushed, and eventually took Sim City, without a nuke this time.


The weekend was my first experience in months that I didn’t lift a camera once, which explains the lack of video/photo on my part. Frankly, it was planned as a “vacation” for me, and while I did have some POV set up that ended up failing, it was alot of fun, and broke a few perceptions.

While Fulda Gap is not toted as “MilSim”, I saw more structure, better communication, and strong unit movements here, then I have at some “Hard Core” MilSim events. When pride and ego is set aside for a “fun” weekend of airsoft, with little expectation of “Operatorness”, I saw more acts of sportsmanship, use of tactics and communications then I have had in a long time.

When the action that was happening off the field was just as important and fun as what was happening on, it leads to much better times.

Fulda Gap may have just become my air-cation from here on out.


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