Counter-Attack in Korpilampi 20.8.2011, moderated by!

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An exhausting game in the forrest of Korpilampi. The game mode a capture the flag variant with respawns, defenders defending them and attackers trying to capture them and keep them when 3 hour limit over.

The games started at 13:00 and the first bb:s started to fly at approx. 13:05. The attackers kept pressing the offense while little by little getting the overhand but the insisting counter-attacks by the defenders kept them going back to the respawns to try to capture the flags again and again.

Game went well and lots of bb:s flying in the forrest. Everyone was completly exhausted after the 3 hour game, and one of the moderators said it was the most intense game he ever played! The defenders managed to win the game with defending the third flag on the "bastion", which compleatly suprised the attackers who just got the first and second flags just before the game finished. And that is thanks to one of the defenders who really fought to get the third flag over and over again.

Thanks to all the participants and the moderators.


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