Review: Hakkotsu Hades Arrow Airsoft Mortar

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Creation date July 12, 2012
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Hi guys, here's my take on the very fun to use Hades Mortar:

Airsoft games don't have to be the same routine every time. Team Death Match, Capture The Flag, are often the most played scenarios. So innovation is also needed to improve gameplay on the field. You see more and more teams and organizations improving their games and events with helicopters, tanks, jeeps and the like. But how many times did you have the chance to use or even control one of these?

Introducing new weapons can be a way to break these limitations and the offer out there is getting more and more diversified so you can have the best Airsoft games.

Airsoft International, and European Airsoft distributor, gave me the privilege to review the Hakkotsu Hades Arrow Mortar, and I must say I was extremely curious on how it worked and how could this be used in Airsoft games.

So read on, as I share my findings on how this Mortar behaves on the field!

To read the full review follow the link bellow.


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