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The PTK airsoft replica is a solid grip that fits tight on the rail (20mm).

The grip has an inner storage compartment that can hold, for instance, a spare battery.

Compared to the AFG2 grip, the PTK offers a more natural and intuitive grip.
The PTK can be employed toghether with the tactical support (VTS), which can be installed whether as a support for the thumb or hand-stop.

A grip like this one is a good way to make your AEG aesthetically more appealing.
However, the greatest advantage is that an angled grip avoids holding your AEG by overly bending the wrist (something that can happen when holding the AEG by the handguard).

Definitely, unless you hold the AEG by the magwell, an angled grip like the PTK is a good way to avoid fatigue and wrist pain.

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