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Firesupport Japanese parts back in stock - Laylax, Firefly, Tanio Koba and more
BO-PT-TMIBH Big Out Inner Barrel Holder for TM HOPUP B.M.R.
CM-PT-1911-RWS-CM CAROM (Wood Grip) for M1911 (Rose Wood/Smooth with Colt medal)
CM-PT-1911GRM Carom Wood Grip for Marui M1911A1 RW/CK Medal
FA-ACC-SOP-SS Freedom Art (Swivel ring) for Stock Pipe (Fit Marui recoil M4 SOPMOD or 416)
KM-ACC-SHB1500 KM (Shell Holder for Gun Strap) for Shotgun (Blac
KM-PT-RCH-TM-AEP KM Head Hop Rubber Hard for Marui AEP and MP7,VZ61
NV-PT-T89-RAILH Laylax Nitro V Rail Handguard for Model type 89 rifle
PM-PT-EG318-masada Prometheus EG Barrel 318mm/MASADA 11.5inch outer
PM-PT-EG380-masada Prometheus EG Barrel 380mm/MASADA 14.5inch outer
PM-PT-EG363 Prometheus EG Barrel 363mm/M4,SR16,SG551
PM-PT-EG455 Prometheus EG Barrel 455mm/AK47,47S
PM-PT-EGM14-420 Prometheus EG Barrel 420mm/ for M14 /short
MZ-MAG-P-L96 Maruzen Plastic Magazine for type96 T96
MZ-MAG-MP5K Maruzen MP5K 50 rnd magazine
TK-PT-IB-M4 Tanio-Koba Rifled barrel length 363mm M4A1, SIG551,XM177
TK-PT-IB-M733 Tanio-Koba Twist Inner Barrel for Marui AEG M733 Thompson 300mm
TK-PT-TM-M92 Tanio-Koba (Hop Up Twist Inner Barrel) for Marui M92F
FF-PT-M4-SCAR-TS LayLax(FIRST) Tritium sight for Marui M4/SCAR
FF-ACC-G36HSB FIRST Hybrid Stock Base for G36C
PSS2-PT-CUP First Factory PSS power Accuracy cup for APS2 / type 96
PSS-PT-DH PSS10 Blue Cushion / Damper for VSR10
LAY-PT-PSS10S150 Laylax PSS10 150 Spring for TM VSR-10
PSS10-PT-SG First PSS10 VSR Spring Guide for VSR10
PSS10-PT-ZT-N-WP LayLax(FIRST) PSS10 Zero-Trigger for VSR10 (Normal Trigger) include an exclusive piston
M2-ACC-CSUPL Mode2 Carbon Suppressor Long (270x42 CW/CCW)
NB-PT-TMDEIB135 NineBall Inner Barrel for Marui DE.50AE/135mm
NB-PT-HCIB LayLax(NineBall) Inner Barrel for Marui Hi-CAPA 5.1-112.5mm
NB-PT-TMM92FIB NineBall Inner Barrel for Marui M92F/106mm
NB-PT-TMP226IB NineBall Inner Barrel for Marui P226 & G17 /97mm
NB-PT-TMM93IB NineBall Inner Barrel for Marui M93R (AEG/Fixed)
NB-PT-TMMP7IB NineBall Inner Barrel for Marui MP7 Normal 182mm
NB-PT-TMMP7IBL NineBall Inner Barrel for Marui MP7 Long 215mm
NB-PT-TMUSPIB NineBall Inner Barrel Marui USP (AEP)/111.5mm
NB-PT-TRITS-TM-G18GBB Nineball Tritium sight for Marui G18C BLK
NB-PT-TR-TM-HC Nineball Tritium sight for Marui Hi-CAPA
NB-PT-TMSCP LayLax(NineBall) VSR Hop rubber for Marui VSR, L96, P226,G26, Socom, Hicapa
NB-PT-HCDPH Nineball Dyna-piston head for Marui GBB Pistols
NB-PT-G18HTP NineBall Hard Tappet Plate for Marui AEP (AEG/Fix
NB-PT-G18PS NineBall Power Spring for Marui G18C,93R,MP7 (AEG/
NB-ACC-MP7A Nine Ball Muzzle Fitting (14mm CW) for Marui MP7
NB-PR-RSGS-TM-G17 Laylax(Nineball) Recoil Spring Guide Set for Marui Glock G17
NB-PT-SPHC Nineball Spring-Plunger set for Marui Hi-Capa
PM-PT-SHIM Prometheus Shim Set includes 6-each of ..
PM-PT-V23REVL Prometheus Hard Reversal Stop Latch for Ver.2,3
PM-PT-HP-SOPMOD Prometheus Hard Piston new ver2 for SOPMOD M4
PM-PT-PHPOM LayLax(Prometheus) Piston Head [POM]
PM-PT-HC451A Prometheus Hard Cylinder for Barrel 550-451
PM-PT-SOP-JN Prometheus Sealing Nozzle for SOPMOD M4
PM-PT-SOP-SG Prometheus EG spring guide Tornado Shaft type New Ver.2 (for SOPMOD M4)
PM-ACC-HRS Prometheus Air Seal Chamber Packing / Hop Rubber - Soft AEG
PM-PT-HOPM4 Prometheus Metal Hop Chamber NEO Marui M16 M4
PM-PT-EC LayLax(Prometheus) Element cord
ST-ACC-RIFLESBK Satalite Rifle Sling (BK)2 point.



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