Milsim Take to Sea with Operation Neptune Black

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Whether you like indoor play or close quarters combat, it would be safe to say that everyone enjoys the challenges of moving in and out of buildings or clearing rooms as you move down a hallway. Well what if you had the chance to do that on a ship? More over, what if you got to do it with some real world instruction behind that? Well teams in Florida got to do just that this past weekend.

Mind Game Productions hosted their test Op. called Operation Black Neptune held at Port Canaveral Fire/Rescue's Maritime Academy Ship simulator. The Maritime simulator is a 3 story "Burn Building" where firefighters train in live fire exercises to learn the difference between a structure fires and a ship fires. MGP also had access to the Academy's 6 Story training tower, and was used for stairwell movement and tactics.

Three teams from the Florida area (2 Squads from Sheepdogs Mil/Sim, Spectre VI, and S.O.G.) were rotated through 4 iterations on shipboard combat. As mentioned above, teams in the Stairwell Movement portion climbed 6 flights of stairs multiple times in a tight space. The Fast Rope Insertion portion gave teams an idea on how to move and cover after being inserted onto the deck of a ship. Boarding Operations found teams using different techniques to board a ship through multiple methods. Finally, Interior Shipboard Tactics found trainees in the heart of the ship in almost total darkness. Essentially the same thing as CQB, ISBTs through additional challenges to trainees having to duck/step through hatches, move through tight/narrow corridors, and having to stealthily move through decks while covering see-through grated floors above and blow them.

It wasn't all fun and games though, as teams were pitted against their instructors who posed as Somali Terrorists in three different scenarios. In the first scenario, teams were told an unknown member of crew members were held by an unknown member of terrorist. Both groups (consisting of two squads) split their two squads up, inserting one via helicopter and the other via gangway. Neither team were successful, as the training was still fresh.

Teams quickly improved on the second scenario, which required teams to recover a High Value Target (HVT) and extra him/her. Unbenounced to the teams, there was a crew member or two who had not been accounted for. While only 1 team recovered the HVT and extracted him, both teams showed marked improvement against a force who's advantage (much like the real world) had complete knowledge of the ship's layout, and the use of full auto weapons. The third scenario was a standard recovery of an WMD that had been cargo on the ship. Again, teams showed their retention skills and adding onto their improvements throughout the day.

Mind Game Productions hopes to get back to their roots of military simulations in regards to the airsoft community (MGP does a wide variety of other events, such as movie extras, and real world training.) Having been a successful test Op., MilSim teams can now contact MGP to apply for their chance to train on the Maritime sheep trainer. It is important to note that it is an 18+ event, as some of your typical rules do not apply. While the terrorist are allowed full auto, trainees were required to use semi-auto ONLY, due to the fact that their were hostages and the bang out rule was suspended for this even.

for more photos from the event as well as videos go to:


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