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Ace Combat has been operating from our Brenchley site for over ten years with countless players getting their first taste of airsoft at this easygoing site . As well as being an excellent place for beginners, the mixture of woodland, open ground and tactical structures makes the site suitable for all levels of experience with many long standing regulars still coming back for more. The scale of the battlezone means you’re always close to the action whether it’s an intense firefight or a long mission.
The land is also a registered blasting area which allows us to make use of military grade battlefield simulation pyrotechnics in selected scenarios in addition to the regular trips and traps we use on a regular basis. The ever popular Nerf Mortar is also used to add an extra dimension to the experience and send players scurrying for cover!
Ace Combat is very excited to announce the launch of our second site in the heart of the Kentish countryside to run alongside our current site in Brenchley.
This stunning area of woodland is located in Pembury, near Tunbridge Wells, and it is the first time Airsoft has been played on this ground.
This site is for the more experienced Airsoft player so site limits are different to Brenchley (see below) so currently no Rentals at this site (Hire guns will be available should your gun fail on the day).
In contrast to Brenchley, the battleground is set is 40 acres of mature woodland mixed in with dense undergrowth, varied terrain and elevation and criss-crossed with tracks, making it an excellent location for pure woodland action. There are plenty of opportunities for everything from sniping to close range silent takedowns to cater for all types of player with the added challenge of our regular trips and traps!
We have a fully covered safezone offering all the excellent facilities you’ve come to expect from us with snacks, drinks and a well-stocked shop as well as an open area for those that want to work on their tans whilst munching on the BBQ lunch!

Please check out our website for site limits as we have different limits at the sites!

Ace Combat
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