Tacamo MKP-II Box Mag Full Auto

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Real Action Paintball is proud to announce a dynamic new package that is designed to elevate you to the top of your game…and overpower all of your competition, in magfed only games and unrestricted games alike. That amazing package is the MKP-II Marker with Lok Bolt™ + Box Mag Package, and it includes a leading magfed marker and the gear you need to put it to its best use.

The MKP-II provides awesome firepower right out of the box, with industry-leading reliability thanks to the genuine Tippmann X7 Phenom internals matched with our MKP-II magfed body. To give you more paint than your opponents, we include the RAP4 Box Mag with its 250 round capacity…and to keep it running flawlessly, we also include an MKP-II Lok Bolt™!

The MKP-II marker at the heart of this package is a magfed marker built with genuine Tippmann X7 Phenom internal parts and fire control group expertly installed in a dedicated magfed body that is designed to be as real as it gets. Players around the world have upgraded their Tippmann X7 Phenom (and other Tippmann markers) to magfed by way of the MKP-II Magfed Conversion Kit. But here, we’ve saved you the trouble—and expense— purchasing an X7 Phenom by delivering this ready-to-go magfed marker…with those genuine parts already installed.

You can count on the Tippmann internals for their legendary reliability, and the MKP-II for its cutting edge magfed design. Then there are the accessories we include, which are just as exciting...

Like the RAP4 Box Magazine, a 250 round force-feed loading device that is the only bulk feeding device legal for magfed paintball. That’s because it’s designed to replicate in looks, reliability, and function, the belted ammunition storage box on an M249 Squad Automatic Weapon. Hidden inside its realistically sized and shaped container is our proprietary Nautilus Drive™, a force-feed system that draws paint up and pushes it into your chamber…then holds it there under a safe amount of pressure so you always have a ball ready to go when you pull the trigger.

To make sure each shot gets downrange intact, we include as well the MKP-II Lok Bolt™ that eliminates chopping by holding your bolt open should it try to close on any partially seated paint…thus preventing all chopping while perfectly reproducing the last round bolt hold open feature of modern military rifles!

When you need extreme firepower to overcome hopper-fed opponents, or to completely dominate magfed games, you need the power, capacity, and utter reliability of the MKP-II with Lok Bolt™ and RAP4 Box Magazine. Get it all with this package!

Real Action Paintball—As Real as it Gets!


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